Security Officer Drug Out a Joke That Forced Him to Take a Powder

While the title of this article may use poor grammar, the grammar is not as poor as a joke a now-former Transportation Security Administration officer pulled on an unsuspecting traveler by allegedly pulling a small clear plastic bag containing fine white powder from her carry-on bag.

The problem was that the plastic bag was not the property of the passenger, which frightened her as she had no idea from where it originated. The Transportation Security Administration officer then informed her that it was all a joke.

If a passenger attempted a similar joke at an airport security checkpoint, that passenger would most likely be detained for questioning, if not arrested.

What would prompt a Transportation Security Administration officer to even think of a joke such as that, let alone act out on it? Was it for humor, or could it have been a show of power?

Whatever the reason may be, you are now advised to Watch Your Bags….TSA is Now Planting “Evidence”.

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