Select Special Meals to Be Discontinued on United Airlines Domestic Flights

With few exceptions, there will be Changes to special meals (no more special meals on domestic flights after 10/1) on United Airlines, which is apparently in line with the policy already in place on Continental Airlines.
The following is an excerpt of the official policy change announcement from United Airlines, highlighted in dark green:

As a matter of convenience for the corporation and as part of the ongoing “harmonization” between the UA and CO subsidiaries, the company will be discontinuing low volume dietary meal categories.

The meals that will no longer be available include:
  1. Diabetic (DBML)
  2. Low Calorie (LCML)
  3. Low Fat/Cholesterol (LFML)
  4. Low Sodium (LSML)
  5. Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian (VLML)
In addition, special meals will no longer be available in any class on most domestic flights in addition to Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Special meals will be available in the premium cabins in select domestic markets to include flights from New York (JFK) & Newark (EWR) to/from San Francisco and Los Angeles as well as on flights to Hawaii.

The following special meal types will continue to be available:
  • Gluten Intolerant (GFML)
  • Hindu Vegetarian (HNML)
  • Kosher (KSML)
  • Muslim (MOML)
  • Asian Vegetarian (AVML)
  • Vegan (Strict) Vegetarian (VGML)
  • Child’s (CHML)
  • Japanese (JPML)
In addition to these meals, the lighter choice and salad meal options will continue to be available  only to pilots and Flight Attendants.
Pictured above is an example of a low-calorie meal served on a United Airlines flight.

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