Separation Anxiety When Flying on a Different Airline?

If one has been loyal to a particular airline for years and suddenly finds oneself as a passenger on a different airline, is it possible to suffer from separation anxiety?

A change in pace is not as easy for some people to accept. When one is an infrequent flier, traveling on different airlines may not be as much of an issue, but when one is used to being a passenger on a particular airline and travels on a different airline, one notices differences with the terminal and gate, the service, the amenities, the employees, the policies and other aspects that could actually lead to a certain level of discomfort.

If these symptoms seem familiar to you, or if you know you are suffering from this disorder, read the Different Carrier than the Usual –Airline Anxiety? thread, take two miles every four hours and call Doctor Randy Petersen in the morning…

One thought on “Separation Anxiety When Flying on a Different Airline?”

  1. well, i don’t want to have airline anxiety..know why? because this anxiety will hinder my chance to travel..
    a person experiencing this will miss a lot and need to overcome this kind of fear i guess.

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