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Photograph ©2016 by Brian Cohen.

Seven Reasons Why You Want Rounded Corners on a Credit Card — WARNING: NOT A SERIOUS TOPIC

Although The Gate does have affiliate links, I still do not earn commission on writing articles which are designed to sell credit cards — although there is nothing wrong with that practice as long as the author of a weblog is transparent, honest and up-front with his or her readers about every aspect of doing so…

Seven Reasons Why You Want Rounded Corners on a Credit Card

…but I had to laugh at this comment posted by FlyerTalk member lwildernorva pertaining to Gary Leff of View From The Wing: “I’m really now expecting a post entitled, ‘The Sapphire Reserve–Does the Card Have Rounded Corners? And Seven Reason You Want That in a Credit Card.’”

Without further ado, here are the seven reasons why you want rounded corners on a credit card:

  1. Conducting transactions using a credit card with sharp pointy corners can potentially result in injuries which could exceed the pain and loss of blood caused by mere paper cuts
  2. Rounding the corners of credit cards saves the credit card industry millions of dollars in excess plastic — not that the savings would be passed on to you anyway…
  3. …and less plastic is better for the environment
  4. If the corners were not rounded, credit cards would be heavier — and no one wants to carry around more weight than necessary
  5. Credit cards with rounded corners are perfect tools for tracing rectangles with rounded corners
  6. Octagonal corners would look kind of clunky; and besides, using credit cards with pointy corners would be so — like — square, man
  7. Cutting corners is the way many corporations conduct business these days anyway


Sometimes I take The Gate way too seriously and do not let my fun side out often enough; and I enjoy when readers catch my subtle sense of humor which I include — almost in the form of “Easter eggs” — in otherwise serious articles…

…so for being a good sport and indulging me in having a little fun — which I would like to do more often here at The Gatehere is a video from tRIPP&tYLER at Upside Business Travel which I believe you will enjoy pertaining to the state of air travel today in “real” everyday life:

I would like to produce humorous content such as that video. Perhaps one day…

…but in the meantime, “selling” credit cards in content which appear as articles is still a lucrative yet controversial option — one which I most likely am leaving a significant amount of money on the table by not doing so myself — but if readers benefit from those types of articles, then the situation is win-win-win for all involved.

Photograph ©2016 by Brian Cohen.

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