Sharing Your Room With Construction Workers

No, the Construction in my room! thread is not about going to bed and sleeping with construction workers in your hotel room – but some FlyerTalk members seem to feel that what happened to FlyerTalk member JamesTheRod is almost as bad.

JamesTheRod found two construction workers in his room working. “So, I just got back to my hotel room this afternoon to find two workers in my room. They had cut a hole in the drywall in the closet and seemed to be installing an access panel of some type, and installing bifold doors on the closet. I did get back to the room early in the afternoon, but don’t you think they could do this when the room is unoccupied? Their tools and stuff were all over the place, and I felt very odd just sitting in my room eating my lunch while they were working. Has anybody else encountered this type of situation?

That is a good question: have you encountered this type of situation? If so, what did you do? If not, what would you do?

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