Shell We Talk About How to Eat Shrimp?

There are plenty of people who enjoy a delicious shrimp dinner, but do you ever/often eat shrimp with the shells on?

You may be surprised to find out that there are indeed many people who do eat shrimp without removing the shells, especially if the shrimp are fried to a crisp. There are also those people who not only eat the heads of shrimp, but also claim it is the tastiest part of the shrimp. Still others are against deveined shrimp, explaining that the vein also adds flavor to the shrimp.

One thought on “Shell We Talk About How to Eat Shrimp?”

  1. The ONLY way to eat shrimp — whole, head-on, salt-and-pepper fried, with onions and jalapenos mixed in. It’s that little bit of shrimp fat inside the head that makes it so tasty. (Chicago recommendation: Happy Chef in Chinatown.)

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