Shopping Option Eliminated Without Notice to Earn Marriott Rewards Points

I n the Marriott Rewards Insiders forum, carat — who is apparently a representative of the Marriott Rewards frequent guest loyalty program — posted that “…as of 1/15/17, ShopMyWay no longer participates with Marriott Rewards. Any orders placed on or after this date will not earn Rewards points.”

Shopping Option Eliminated Without Notice to Earn Marriott Rewards Points

ShopMyWay is an Internet shopping portal which offered a way to earn Marriott Rewards points by shopping for items which you would purchase anyway at many retailers. Weeks would elapse until points were credited to a Marriott Rewards account; but it was an inexpensive way to keep Marriott Rewards points from expiring ever since a new expiration policy for Marriott Rewards points was announced back in August of 2015 and became effective as of Monday, February 1, 2016.

Prior to that expiration policy becoming effective, Marriott Rewards points generally did not expire.

“While it is entirely possible (likely even) that I missed any communications, I don’t recall ever receiving notice of this service ending”, according to this article written by Kyle Harada of Jeffsetter. “And while it’s totally in their right to do so per terms & conditions, it is rather disappointing.”

He is not the only one who has not received notice of this stealth elimination of a way to earn Marriott Rewards points. “I searched my email and had no notification of this change”, according to this article written by 

Add me to the list of members of the Marriott Rewards frequent guest loyalty program who did not receive the news either. Apparently, no advance warning or notice has been given regarding the elimination of earning Marriott Rewards points via the ShopMyWay shopping option; nor has any reason been given as to why this option has been eliminated.


The options which remain with earning Marriott Rewards points while simultaneously extending the expiration date for another 24 months include — but are not limited to — qualifying stays at hotel and resort properties; booking meetings and events; signing up for the Marriott Rewards credit card, and renting cars from Hertz.

Purchasing 1,000 Marriott Rewards points for $12.50 may now be the least expensive way to keep those points from expiring — assuming that you are not engaging in any other partner activity.

I personally would like to see the Marriott Rewards frequent guest loyalty program add a different shopping portal to its program; but perhaps it is emulating the Starwood Preferred Guest program — which is now part of Marriott International, Incorporated since its acquisition of Starwood Hotels and Resorts — which does not have a shopping portal as one of its options to earn points…

…and if that is indeed the case, then do not look for a shopping portal to return in the foreseeable future — and that is a shame if that indeed is the case.

Source: ShopMyWay.

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5 thoughts on “Shopping Option Eliminated Without Notice to Earn Marriott Rewards Points”

  1. colleen says:

    I suppose one could “hide out” if Marriott points are at risk of expiration by parking them in an SPG account via transfer. They’d at least be protected for a while as the merger completes.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      Probably, colleen — but regardless, I would certainly ensure that the points in the Starwood Preferred Guest account are not due to expire anytime soon…

      1. colleen says:

        Brian, help me out on this one. Looks like any transfer in to an SPG account resets the 12-month clock. I thought that was your original issue: extending Marriott points. Of course, the member would need to have both accounts.

        Not so the other way…

        Take a look and tell me what you think please.

        (Not sure if it’s the right page, but at FAQ I selected “Do Starpoints expire?”

        1. Brian Cohen says:

          I checked the terms and conditions of the Starwood Preferred Guest program, colleen — and this is what is listed there under Other Starpoints Information:

          4.2 Forfeiting Starpoints. Except for Vistana Owners to whom the obligations in Section 11 apply, Starpoints earned or otherwise obtained by an SPG Member will forfeit without notice if the SPG Member becomes Inactive, even if the SPG Member has achieved SPG Lifetime Gold or SPG Lifetime Platinum Status. An SPG Member is considered “Inactive” if during a 12-month period: (a) the SPG Member has not had a Stay at an SPG Participating Hotel; (b) the SPG Member has not earned or redeemed any Starpoints; or (c) the SPG Member’s account has been cancelled.

          There is no mention pertaining to the transfer of Starpoints; and even if there were, my understanding is that more “traditional” transfers — such as from airline frequent flier loyalty programs, for example — are the ones which they had in mind.

          I hope to be proven wrong, though…

  2. colleen says:

    “Do Starpoints expire?
    Your SPG Membership is considered “Inactive” if, during a 12-month period:
    you have not had an Eligible Stay at an SPG Participating Hotel;
    you have not earned*, redeemed, purchased or transferred any Starpoints, or
    your account has been cancelled.
    *Earned or redeemed’ is defined as any points posting to or being removed, transferred, or redeemed from an SPG account.”

    It’s that last sentence that’s critical “Any” and “Transferred” would be tough terms for them to argue if they took points away. In reality, though, this will quickly become moot as the merger moves along.

    I’ve moved points from from Marriott to SPG for just the inactivity issue you originally mentioned. Unfortunately I won’t have any anecdotal info to give you as there’s also a CC on the SPG account, so there’s ongoing earning activity. I also don’t quickly see an expiration date “field” at the SPG site; that would make lives easier.

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