Shots Fired in Terminal at Airport in Houston; One Fatality

A man reportedly killed himself with an AR-15 assault rifle earlier today after first firing several shots in the air near the security checkpoint of Terminal B at Houston Intercontinental Airport, causing the terminal to be shut down and placing a temporary ground stop on all incoming flights.
There were supposedly no other fatalities or injuries, but chaos reportedly ensued with people frightened and panicked before the terminal was secured by law enforcement officers of the Houston Police Department.
The suspect — whose identity has not yet been released — fatally suffered from a self-inflicted wound after reportedly being confronted by an air marshal.
The reasons as to why this incident occurred in the first place is still unknown at this time.
Despite the incident occurring in the non-sterile area of the airport security checkpoint at Terminal B, all passengers supposedly had to be screened again. Meanwhile, the ground stop is still in effect at the time this article was posted.
Here is a video news report courtesy of KHOU-TV, which is channel 11 in Houston:

FlyerTalk members wonder how the suspect was allegedly able to walk into the airport terminal without anyone noticing that he was armed with an assault rifle — and in this discussion on FlyerTalk, the latest word is that the air marshal supposedly killed the suspect and that the fatality was not the result of suicide as first reported…

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  1. laggers says:

    It’s texas, everybody has a gun. Who would even notice?

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