Should a Forum on FlyerTalk Be Created for The Gate?

FlyerTalk member chrissxb has submitted a proposal to create a forum for The Gate weblog. Within that proposal is a discussion of a variety of comments regarding The Gate, including the fact that the Comments area of The Gate is currently disabled. For the record, I — as well as Internet Brands, the company which owns FlyerTalk — are and have been aware of this issue. We want for the Comments area to be enabled. However, there has been a technical glitch that has prevented that from happening on which the information technology staff at Internet Brands has been working. We appreciate your patience on this matter.
Also, I have received another piece of constructive feedback regarding The Gate. When The Gate resided at, you were able to select from the home “page” the entry on which you wanted to read, and then — once at that entry — if you wanted to scroll down to other entries posted at The Gate, you were able to easily do so. It is not as easy to do so here, and I realize that. That feedback will be passed on as well.
You are encouraged to post your comments, suggestions and questions regarding The Gate here. After all, I really want to hear feedback from you regarding The Gate, as well as how to further improve it.
Thank you!

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