Should Airlines Provide Nutrition Information With the Food They Serve During Flights?

Airlines currently do not provide nutrition information with the food served on-board aircraft during flights — but should one know how much vitamin C is in one’s orange juice, how many calories are in that steak dinner with the ice cream sundae for dessert, or what is the sodium content of that bag of peanuts? Is it even necessary?

That is some food for thought on which you can chew while you digest what FlyerTalk members post in this thread

3 thoughts on “Should Airlines Provide Nutrition Information With the Food They Serve During Flights?”

  1. Miquel says:

    I think we will eventually get there…food information is becoming more and more important not only for functional or health reasons, but also as a way to differentiate your product. Although restricted to business class for now, Alitalia runs a campaign that is all based on the origins and sourcing of the foods that they serve on long-haul flights, and they leverage the vast network of foods that they have in Italy that enjoy “protected designation status”, here is an story about this campaign.

  2. I think it goes without saying that airlines should post the nutritional value of all foods offered to flyers. This should be standard procedure on all airlines as passengers have the right to know in order to make good health decisions.

  3. Yes, they should.
    Also, when I asked whether the salmon was wild or farmed they did not know.

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