Should Friends and Family of Airline Passengers Be Permitted Past the Airport Security Checkpoint?

Should those people who are not airline passengers be allowed past the airport security checkpoint?

Although there are currently ways for those who are not airline passengers to pass through an airport security checkpoint — such as securing a gate pass or by purchasing a fully-refundable airline ticket — FlyerTalk member N830MH wants egress through an airport security checkpoint to be easier for those who are not booked on a flight, which used to be permitted years ago.

While some FlyerTalk members agree, essentially stating that the airports are no safer by allowing airline passengers only past the airport security checkpoint, others argue that the increased crowds could potentially be a logistical “nightmare” for airport security personnel.

What do you think?

One thought on “Should Friends and Family of Airline Passengers Be Permitted Past the Airport Security Checkpoint?”

  1. DLERT says:

    Presently the system allows parents of about to be unaccompanied minors to go to the gate.
    This as well as passengers in wheelchairs needing ground assistance at the departure and
    arrival airports. This is not going to overtax the TSA security. But to let the common public
    to see off friends and family like what was done pre-security days circa 1970’s is asking a
    bit too much. The gate lobbies are not all that big and having more pedestrian traffic clogging
    up the lines of security delaying ticketed passengers from getting to their gate timely is the
    logistical nightmare mentioned. Then when the Gate Agent calls the flight for boarding there
    is NO need for slowing things down with hugs and kisses – people get a life ! Leave the
    good-bys at the curbside checkin or parking lot. Which brings up another issue. If one stays
    and sees folks off on a flight they pay more parking and take away parking spaces from
    those travelers that need them. Just a compounding of things to keep airlines from running
    on time. The system as flawed as it is is working just fine without creating those logistical
    nightmares !

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