Should Lifetime Elite Frequent Flier Loyalty Program Members Receive an Annual Boost Towards a Higher Level of Elite Status?

“I think Delta should give 1 Million Mile flyers 25,000 MQMs each year, 2 Million Mile flyers 50,000 MQMs, etc., in addition to lifetime Silver, Gold status, etc. Not really a cost saving measure, but certainly would boost loyalty and give us a head start on achieving a higher elite status each year.”

This idea was posted by John Hayes — a reader of Delta Points — in response to this article written by René de Lambert pertaining to saving Delta Air Lines money in order to fund rollbacks and improvements into the SkyMiles frequent flier program. I expressed my thoughts in this article as a response to that article — but I digress.

This is not a new idea. At least one FlyerTalk member who earned Million Miler status and therefore has earned lifetime Silver Medallion elite level status — er…I mean receives annual complimentary Silver Medallion elite level status — thought that she would start off every year with 25,000 Medallion Qualification Miles so that she would only need to earn an additional 25,000 Medallion Qualification Miles to earn Gold Medallion elite level status; but fellow FlyerTalk members explained that that was not the case.

There are two sides to this idea: one being that after earning a million Medallion Qualification Miles — which is more difficult to do than in the days where virtually any mile earned counted towards Million Miler status — a person should receive an annual boost towards a higher level of elite status as part of the benefit, as the status itself does not offer all that much; while others argue that that would only swell the ranks of Medallion elite level members.

What do you think?

Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

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5 thoughts on “Should Lifetime Elite Frequent Flier Loyalty Program Members Receive an Annual Boost Towards a Higher Level of Elite Status?”

  1. Jason says:

    If everyone’s elite, then no one is.

  2. I love it when you digress 😉

    Back on point. I loved your point-vs-point on my post. I look forward to a long talk about this at the next BAcon!

    But the big issue with this is how this “status” is awarded. It is basically a “gifted” status like when a medallion gifts FO or GM. It is just the status not the MQMs.

    I love your idea but never going to happen. It is diametrically opposed to what Delta is offering. Plus, when you look at Delta AMEX card, MQMs on their own are worth so much more than gifted status. Just look at how much the mothership charges to sell MQMs each December.

    Plus, and I have no idea what the cost is, think what AMEX has to pay to award these coveted MQM points to its members.

    Love it – just never going to happen!

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      I know, René de Lambert – blog

      …and please accept my apology: I just realized that I spelled your last name without a space between the de and Lambert in some articles; and I do not like to misspell anyone’s name.

      I intend on fixing that error in the articles where it exists — in fact, I just started doing just that…

      …meanwhile, that point-versus-point article was originally going to be a reply in the Comments section of your article at Delta Points; but it became too long, so…

      1. R U kidding. I get phone calls for Reeeeen DelBert… It’s all good! Again, it will just be fun to chat DL bits at next BAcon (at some point next year we all hope)!

  3. Greggers says:

    Maybe starting at the 2MM level?

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