Should the Frequent Flier Program Be Abolished?

FlyerTalk member magiciansampras asks: why don’t airlines stop their mileage programs?

Think about it: fees are increasing, whether they are fuel surcharges, taxes or administrative fees. Increasingly, the combination of these fees are approaching the cost of a regular airfare, potentially diminishing the value of frequent flier miles, which used to be redeemed for a flight absolutely cost-free.

Combine that with the fact that airlines have been paring down benefits associated with frequent flier programs, plus the advent of the Clear program in the United States which allegedly threatens the existence of elite security lines at airports, and one has to wonder: why bother participating in a frequent flier program after all?

Of course, the answer depends on your travel habits and the rules and policies of the frequent flier program of each airline. Still, the overall trend is still cutting benefits and increasing fees.

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