Should the Practice of Tipping Be Abolished?

FlyerTalk member show_me_the_points says “I hate tipping, how can we end it?

Should the practice of giving a gratuity to a server in a dining establishment — or, perhaps, to anyone — be abolished?

Those who argue against the practice of tipping say that it is false advertising when it comes to pricing and complicates the paying procedure — amongst other arguments — while those who defend it say tipping ensures good service and keeps food prices lower.

2 thoughts on “Should the Practice of Tipping Be Abolished?”

  1. Michael says:

    By now tipping everybody anywhere has become mandatory and I think that is wrong.
    How about Service personell tipping their customers and guests for creating their jobs in the first place???

  2. Agnes Lee says:

    I think tipping should be abolished, most of the time if you tip 15 percent the waitress acts like you are dirt under his or her feet. Food cost so much and a resturant owner should pay their waitress, they pay their cook and should pay all their help. I think their business would grow and they would in turn make more money even while paying the waitress.

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