Should You Park in Front of Someone’s House to Save Money and Walk to the Airport?

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A topic is currently being fiercely debated by FlyerTalk members: is it OK to park in front of someone’s house and walk to the airport?
For the sake of argument, let us assume that there are no legal restrictions to park your vehicle on the street, and the parking space is within walking distance to the airport but is also in front of someone’s home. Would you park your car there? Even though it may be legal, is it right to do so?
Parking your car in front of someone’s house could save you money. You do not have to worry about losing your ticket stub needed to take the car out of a pay parking lot. There is no waiting for a shuttle vehicle to take you to and from your car. You may not need to deal with crowds or traffic. The street is public property, so the resident of the home theoretically has no say on whether you can park in front of the domicile. The walk from your car to the airport gives you the added bonus of exercise.
However, parking your car in front of someone’s house for days at a time could irritate and inconvenience the resident of the home and those who have legitimate business to park on the street in that neighborhood. It may pose a safety hazard for residents of the neighborhood and their children. What would happen to your car in the event of an unusual situation such as a movie shoot or a house fire? It might even cause an imbalanced resident to damage your vehicle while you are gone — if it has not already been vandalized and picked for parts by some nefarious third party other than the resident of the house. It could even be towed if enough people report your parked vehicle to law enforcement or government officials.
Growing up in New York City, I knew that parking on the street for a week or more was never a good idea due to alternate side of the street parking where vehicles would not be permitted to park on one side of the street for several hours at least once per week to allow for one side of the street to be cleaned. Depending on which neighborhood you were in, as well as which street on which you parked your vehicle, the parking rules varied. You really have to pay attention to the street signs to specifically know the rules on when parking was valid.
Despite the debate, some FlyerTalk members offer alternative parking solutions which can potentially save money with no worries about the legality of where the vehicle is parked. I personally used one of several Internet web sites for airport parking alternatives and parked in a hotel parking lot near the airport in Nashville. The cost was significantly less expensive than the traditional airport parking alternatives, my vehicle was parked in a safe and well-lit parking space, and there was even a shuttle service to and from the airport. Granted, I did not receive frequent parking points credit, a free bottle of water or a free newspaper, but the money I saved more than significantly made up for those “losses.” This would be my recommendation for safe, low-cost airport parking.

One thought on “Should You Park in Front of Someone’s House to Save Money and Walk to the Airport?”

  1. jayer says:

    Neighborhood courtesy I just would not do it. There are not enough spaces from everybody and their teenage kids in my neighborhood, and I would guess its worse at any airport that is urban enough for the situation to apply. Just asking to be keyed.

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