Sign Off on This Funny Thread

Would you like to know where to go To Bang Sue? If so, please park prettily before you do, but do it next to the Elevator Button, which may be located near Bong Bridge. However, just be aware that Dr. Smiegel sees patients in the rear, and all dumps must be reported to the front office. Should you need to use them, for restrooms, go back toward your behind.

In your travels, have you ever encountered a sign that made you laugh, make you scratch your head in confusion, or do a double-take?

If so – or even if not – read the Funny SIGNS around the World. thread, which documents hilarious and strange signs posted around the world, as well as contains links to other Internet web sites that document and post photographs of unusual signs from around the world.

One would expect many of the signs to be botched English translations, and those are found in the thread. However, there are plenty of strange and funny examples in areas where English is the primary language, including the United States of America.

If you do not read that thread, you might resign to the realization that it is a sign that you do not like funny signs, so sign off on this posting about signs.

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