Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign. Fun With Signs. Part 4: International Dining Signs.

Whether I travel the world or simply walk near where I am based in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area, I notice signs. Metal signs. Illuminated signs. Signs, cosigns and tangents.

That tangent I took may be a sign that you may already get where I am going with this article — so resign yourself to some awkward humor even though you did not cosign up for it.

This series of articles features five photographs of various signs which were spotted during my travels around the world — and for this fourth edition, random signs of dining establishments outside of the United States are being featured.

Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign. Fun With Signs. Part 4: International Dining Signs.

Photograph ©2018 by Brian Cohen.

Same great texture; but now in new chocolate flavor…

…with strawberry, mushroom, liver, lemon, raw egg, and oyster flavors coming soon.

Yes Kökosnøt actually is a dining establishment which serves food that purportedly caters to patrons who adhere to diets which are vegetarian, vegan, and free of gluten — and I thought it was Andorra-ble enough to be featured in this article.

Photograph ©2014 by Brian Cohen.

As this place is located in the largest city in South Korea, do they serve Seoul food?

Well, if you do not know, then how am I supposed to know?


Photograph ©2014 by Brian Cohen.

Which Hemingway never ate at this restaurant? Ernest? Mariel? Margaux? Mollie? Yossi? Giovanni? Arjun? Zhang Wei?

For that matter, I never ate at La Taurina in Madrid either, as I was on my way to somewhere else at the time I passed by the doors of this place — but I did dine for lunch at the oldest restaurant in Spain

Photograph ©2014 by Brian Cohen.

This dining establishment in Manila may very well serve the original inasal — which is chicken that is marinated in a mixture of calamansi, pepper, coconut vinegar, and annatto before it is then grilled over hot coals while basted with the marinade — since 1976…

…but does that logo look even remotely familiar to you?

Photograph ©2008 by Brian Cohen.

Can you guess where this dining establishment is located?

Nope — not in New York.

No, not in Amsterdam either — but you are getting warmer.

Cafe Brooklyn is located in the famous Nyhavn area of Copenhagen.


If you want to join in on the fun, please feel free to conjure your own interpretations of the signs which are featured in this article and post them in the Comments section below, as I enjoy when you do that.

Please be sure to read past articles in this series — which include:

All photographs ©2008, ©2014, and ©2018 by Brian Cohen.

One thought on “Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign. Fun With Signs. Part 4: International Dining Signs.”

  1. NB_ga says:

    I may well be channeling the humor of a 12-year-old, but the immediate image of Kökosnøt still has me giggling. These are a hoot!

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