Silver Airways Gives the Middle Finger to Hurricane Irma With This Sale

One of the consequences — if you want to call it that — of attempting to find travel waivers from airlines is that I suddenly find advertisements for some of those airlines in my browser…

Silver Airways Gives the Middle Finger to Hurricane Irma With This Sale

25 percent off freedom fares

Source: Silver Airways.

…and when I looked at the right side of the screen, I kept finding elderly people waving the middle finger at me.

A sale is currently being offered by Silver Airways through which you can save 25 percent on airfares called Freedom Fares. Book your flight reservations by tomorrow, Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 11:59 in the evening Eastern Daylight Time and enter promotion code FREE25PERCENT for travel — which must be completed by Wednesday, November 1, 2017 — on all flights to and from Florida and the Bahamas.

A gold star next to the fare indicates that the promotion code applies. Other terms and conditions apply to this promotion.


Is this promotion effective — or is it unnecessarily vulgar?

I clicked on the advertisement because I thought it would be a potentially interesting article about which to write — but if I did not write articles for The Gate or elsewhere, I would have had absolutely no interest, as Silver Airways does not serve a location near where I am based…

…but then again, I would not have had those advertisements appear in my browser in the first place, either.

I can be as rebellious as the next person; but I personally found the advertisements for this promotion from Silver Airways tasteless — and constantly being given the middle finger while browsing on the Internet is not exactly conducive to winning me over as a customer, to say the least.

Source: Silver Airways.

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