Sink Your Teeth into a Dental Vacation

Some people visit Venice for its bridges and canals. However, where does one visit for a bridge or a root canal to accomplish the crowning achievement of saving money on quality dental work while taking a trip to a foreign land?

One must tip one’s cap to those FlyerTalk members who tell the tooth — the whole tooth — when they come up with a mouthful of ideas of where to get Dental Work overseas / “Dental Vacations” without taking a huge bite out of one’s budget.

3 thoughts on “Sink Your Teeth into a Dental Vacation”

  1. Sorry for the substance-less comment, but I have to say, your opening paragraph is very clever 🙂 Good writing 🙂

  2. Cori Situ says:

    Good article. I was able to send this to some doctor I know that could use this on their website..

  3. I am a frequent visitor of your posts. I liked the recent one and other posts on your blog so much that I have bookmarked the blogs RSS feed in Outlook. Even thinking of stealing some ideas and putting them to work.

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