Sitting Behind a Reclined Seat for Nine Hours

Here is the latest installment of one of the most controversial topics of FlyerTalk: seat recline on an airplane. In this case, FlyerTalk member Perche initially believes that the person in the seat in front of him — who happens to have extra legroom because he is in the exit row — should not have reclined his seat for nine hours on a recent American Airlines flight from Madrid to Dallas. Rather, the person in the reclined seat should have had more consideration for Perche — but instead called over a flight attendant to complain about the constant kicking coming from behind him. The flight attendant scolded Perche even after he tried to explain that he has had knee operations and previous blot clot problems.
Needless to say, this all happened in the economy class cabin on a full flight.
How do you believe fellow FlyerTalk members reacted and responded?

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