Six Injured After Aircraft Veers Off Runway in Rome

An ATR-72-500 propeller regional aircraft operated by Carpatair Avion de Transport on behalf of Alitalia carrying 46 passengers and four flight crew members veered off the runway after landing at Fiumicino – Aeroporto Internazionale Leonardo da Vinci in Rome supposedly due to strong wind shear conditions, reportedly resulting in six injured people — two of them seriously — requiring medical treatment.
All of the passengers and crew members evacuated through exits at the rear of the aircraft, now disabled due to the collapse of the right main and nose landing gears, as well as significant damage to the nose and the propeller and engine on the right side of the aircraft. At least one person was reportedly admitted to a hospital.
The right main landing gear reportedly sustained damage after the aircraft bounced upon impact when landing on the runway and landed hard a second time, possibly causing the aircraft to veer off the runway and out of the control of the experienced captain piloting the aircraft.
FlyerTalk members fiercely debate amidst speculation as to the potential ramifications of this incident for the reputation — as well as the future — for Alitalia.
Photographic evidence indicates that the airplane was quickly stripped of its Alitalia livery while still at the spot off of the runway where it came to rest after the incident — presumable to limit any public relations damage to the airline. In addition, all flights operated by Carpatair Avion de Transport on behalf of Alitalia have reportedly been suspended until further notice.

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