Skycaps Accused of Stealing Cash Collected From Overweight Baggage Fees

Nine Miami International Airport skycap employees were arrested after a nine-month investigation allegedly revealed that they stole cash by charging passengers overweight baggage fees when they should not have done so.

Additionally, as a result of under-reporting the amount of luggage loaded onto aircraft, the skycaps supposedly endangered the lives of American Airlines passengers due to the risk of improper records to ensure that the weight of the aircraft is balanced.

More arrests associated with this reported scam are expected.

One thought on “Skycaps Accused of Stealing Cash Collected From Overweight Baggage Fees”

  1. On a recent flight from TPA-SEA, via CLT, I swear a similar thing happened. I was so rushed curbside (we were traveling with our infant) that I wasn’t thinking right. I tipped the skycap, minute later he told me a bag was overweight but he would “take care of it” [he saw cash I still had in my hand]..I tipped him a little more. In hindsight my luggage was not overweight.

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