Sneaking Into the Club Lounge of an Airline: Can It Be Done?

Along the same lines as upgrading yourself to a rental car for which you are not entitled, is it acceptable to sneak into an airport club lounge reserved for elite members of the frequent flier program of an airline, as well as for those who pay for it?

FlyerTalk member fedup flyer witnessed a failed attempt by someone to sneak into a Delta Air Lines Crown Room Club in Atlanta.

Has anyone been successful? Is it acceptable?

One thought on “Sneaking Into the Club Lounge of an Airline: Can It Be Done?”

  1. Travel Guru says:

    Yes one can sneak into an airline lounge and I have done it myself. What you do is see wait until th eline gets long. When you see the long line just enter the lounge and smile to the agent and say” We just went shopping and have already checked in”. This has worked at man y lounges that are normally sticklers for admittance. I have even stayed at lounges where they normally charge you after three hours.

    It helps to play the part. I have taken showers at the Air France CDG lounge on a Y ticket with no status, The AF lounge at SFO, BA at SFO and other clubs. If you start to act nervous they will catch on.

    If they say you are not able to access the club just smile and say you went to the wrong lounge Also the lounge agent sees too many people enter and leave the lounge.

    Its best not to arrive when the lounge first opens but go when its busy like 4 PM. I have saved money this way and I do not feel bad doing it as the airlines make money as it is and for them they don’t know that I will buy a First Class ticket tomorrow.

    I have had some good food and good drinks at the lounge. What I do is get out my cellphone and laptop and pretend to have a conversation this way the staff has never bothered me.

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