“So I was Stupid, Drank Too Much and Vomited Before Take-Off”

We thought we would throw up a FlyerTalk thread which you might find interesting.

FlyerTalk member thatguy83 admits that on a DL Flight: So I was stupid, drank too much and vomited before take-off and, refreshingly, takes complete and full responsibility for his actions. FlyerTalk members applaud his honesty. However, the incident allegedly caused the flight to return to the gate before reaching the runway.

However, questions do arise as to how the mess was cleaned up, who pays for the clean-up, and who decides what happens next. Interestingly, one FlyerTalk member questions if this is a way to legally avoid change fees.

In addition to other “vomit comet” stories shared by FlyerTalk members, there is also a bonus story about how someone vomited in a barf bag, only to realize too late that the bottom was already cut off from underneath it…

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