…So Who Died Today: Continental Airlines or United Airlines?

This could very well be the last time The Gate uses the Continental Airlines logo.

The Federal Aviation Administration operating certificates of Continental Airlines and United Airlines have been combined into one single operating certificate, but now there is a debate as to which airline will “rest in peace”: is it Continental Airlines, whose name will no longer be used, or is it United Airlines, whose operating certificate is the actual one that expired? Is it Continental Airlines, whose OnePass frequent flier loyalty program account number lives on, or is it United Airlines, whose Mileage Plus frequent flier loyalty program account name lives on?
The debate may ensue with arguments back and forth, but FlyerTalk member Hungry Dingo probably says it best:

“Think of it as a marriage where the wife is taking her husband’s name, but she’s the one calling the shots? ‘Yes, Dear…’”

Continental Airlines treated me well when I was a top-tier frequent flier for several years, and I will certainly miss that airline…

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