Soft Drinks in the Lounge: “That Will Be $10, Please…”

Usually, one of the benefits of reaching Elite status in the frequent traveler program of your choice is the amenities, such as relaxing in the private Lounge and enjoying free food and beverages.

However, imagine the surprise of FlyerTalk member sbtinme, who was served a bill for $10.00 for two club sodas, one of which was so full of ice that sbtinme had to order another one.

sbtinme, who is a veteran guest of this lounge, never knew that the two club sodas would cost any money. After all, this is not hard liquor or wine about which we are discussing here.

Frankly, if two soft drinks cost $10.00 plus a tip for the Lounge attendant, I would rather skip the lounge and buy my own soft drinks, as they are less expensive anywhere else — even at a restaurant!

What’s next — a fee for reading month-old magazines — or, perhaps, a coin-operated television set?

What is the point of a Lounge if one has to pay for the amenities associated with it?

Read more about this developing story in the Charging for soda in Club Lounges?? thread…

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