Some FlyerTalk Threads Cross the Line. This is Not One of Them…

The NOT crossing the border thread is, at best, a borderline topic launched by MileageAddict, who is one of the original members of FlyerTalk.

Do you dare live on the edge and post in this thread?

If not, you can always read about fellow FlyerTalk members who were so close to entering another country or other jurisdiction but never actually set foot in it.

I personally do not recall an instance where I have been so close to a border but have not actually crossed it. I suppose that when I visited Iguazu Falls in Argentina, Paraguay would qualify, but it was not as though I was close enough to see it or walk to it. Of course, I could not resist crossing over into Brazil — but that is another story…

The topic of this thread is interesting enough that one should not be bored with the discussion, or get even bored-er if the discussion further ensues.

One question comes to mind: if one actually stepped into that adjacent jurisdiction but immediately stepped back out of it again, would that person become a Double-Crosser?

I would be line to you if I said that posting that question was unintentional…

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