Sorry, Hyatt — Your Platinum Status is Not a Match For Hilton Diamond

match to Diamond level elite status was recently offered from the Hyatt Gold Passport frequent guest loyalty program; and as I have stayed in Hyatt hotel properties in places such as Muscat and Shanghai within the past year, I thought that I would try for it as well. What would I have to lose?

I currently have Diamond VIP level elite status in the Hilton HHonors frequent guest loyalty program; so I figured that I should have no problem being matched to Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond — especially as I have had achieved that level of elite status in the past.

The Response to My Status Match Request

Understanding the delays from the overwhelming response, I finally received the following message from a representative of Hyatt Gold Passport approximately a week after first submitting proof of not only my current elite level status with Hilton HHonors; but also proof that I have stayed at a hotel property within the brand portfolio of Hilton Worldwide within the past year:

Dear Mr. Cohen,

Thank you for contacting Hyatt Gold Passport.

We are excited about your interest in Hyatt’s Tier Match Offer. Currently, we are able to match our Diamond status only with Starwood Preferred Guest’s Platinum status. On reviewing the attachment, I am glad to inform you that you are eligible to receive Platinum status on your Gold Passport account number, XxxxxxxxxX.

Platinum membership entitles you to a wide range of exclusive services and benefits including a 15% point bonus on your stays. In order to continue to receive exclusive Platinum membership benefits, simply complete five stays or 15 nights at any Hyatt hotel or resort worldwide during the course of the calendar year.

Please confirm if I shall upgrade your tier status from Gold to Platinum. Looking forward to your response.

Best Regards

My first thought was “well, I am glad you’re excited — because I am not.”

Sorry, Hyatt — Your Platinum Status is Not a Match For Hilton Diamond

I then submitted the following reply:

While I appreciate being upgraded to Hyatt Platinum status, that is underwhelming at best, to be honest. Hilton HHonors Diamond status — which I currently have — is far superior to Hyatt Platinum status for a number of reasons, in my opinion.

I am somewhat disappointed that I did not qualify for Hyatt Diamond status; but I thank you for the opportunity to have Hyatt Platinum status and look forward to my account being upgraded.


Brian Cohen

Of course, my Hyatt Gold Passport account had not yet been upgraded — if it will be at all, to which I really do not care.

Call me ungrateful; but the “wide range of exclusive services” of Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum elite level status does not even come close to matching those of Hilton HHonors Diamond VIP elite level status, in my opinion.

Comparison of Elite Status Levels

Just for kicks, I decided to compile a chart of the benefits of Hilton HHonors Diamond VIP elite level status to that of both Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum and Diamond…


Hyatt Platinum

Hilton Diamond VIP

Hyatt Diamond

Bonus Points 15 percent
50 percent
30 percent
Room Guarantee 72 hours 48 hours 48 hours
Executive Lounge Access or Complimentary Breakfast No
Premium Internet Wi-Fi Access Yes Yes Yes
Free Afternoon Late Check-Out Until 2:00
Until 4:00
Dedicated Check-In Area Yes Yes Yes
Fifth Night Free on Award Stay No
Preferred Room Upon Arrival Yes Yes Yes
Choice of Point Bonus or Food Amenity No Yes Yes
Exclusive Telephone Number Yes Yes Yes
Two Complimentary United Club Passes No
Annual Suite Upgrades No Not Specified Up to Four
Complimentary Access to Fitness Centers and Health Clubs No
Match to equivalent M life Elite Level Status Yes No Yes
Nightly Room Refresh No Not Specified Yes
Share Elite Benefits with Family and Friends No
Digital Check-In No Yes No
Express Check-Out Not Specified
Not Specified
Second Guest Stays Free No Yes No
Two Complimentary Bottles of Water Per Stay Not Specified
Not Specified
Quick Reservations and Check-Ins Based on Your Room Preferences No Yes No

…and I have to say that — based upon both the chart shown above as well as my personal experience — Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum is no match for Hilton HHonors Diamond VIP elite level status.

In fact — if relying solely on the number of existing hotel properties worldwide — Hilton HHonors Diamond VIP elite level status beats even Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond, in my opinion.


Granted, the chart is not completely specific with all of the disclaimers which are associated with all of the benefits; but for me, the most useful benefit to Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum elite level status is the point bonus of 15 percent on all stays — with the late checkout, preferred room and room guarantee following closely behind. Any of the other benefits are minimal or useless to me.

It is also important to note that I entered the designation of Not Specified in those areas of the chart where the benefit is not definite but could happen. For example, I received at least six complimentary bottles of water at the Grand Hyatt Muscat with Platinum status; and I have checked into a Hilton hotel property as early as approximately 3:00 the morning without being charged for an extra day — and I even was invited to an extra complimentary full breakfast. I have also received upgrades to suites at some Hilton hotel and resort properties even though it is not a published benefit. Some hotel properties simply treat their guests better than others — no matter which brand or lodging company.


Would I have liked to have been matched to Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond elite level status? Of course. It is ideal to be able to have the highest level of elite status in as many frequent guest loyalty programs as possible; but the opportunity cost is usually too high — unless you stay in many hotel rooms throughout the year.

For me, there are not enough benefits to Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum elite level status to care as to whether or not I actually receive it — but it is certainly better than nothing.

In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy Hilton HHonors Diamond VIP elite level status; but if you were matched to Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond elite level status, congratulations and enjoy!

  1. Here was my path – I went through twitter and DM’d Hyatt. It took a few days and they sent me the info on where to send everything. I never responded back to the tweet but did send the email with passport number and screen shot of Hilton status. I too received the same response as you, so instead of emailing back I tweeted back through DM – Thanks for the info. I have submitted everything. As I looked further into the different levels, had I stayed at a Hyatt as much as I stay at a Hilton I would be diamond. I have stayed over 25 nights this year. I am hoping you can match my status appropriately so that I may receive the same level of service I currently am used to through other programs. –
    Hyatt response – I can check your status and see if we can upgrade to Diamond instead and was asked for Hilton info.
    Next Hyatt response after receiving my information – Thank you for providing me with your information. Your status has been upgraded to Diamond until February 28, 2017.

    It took a little more effort….so now I am ready to stay at a Hyatt, I did not stay at one all year.

    1. Congratulations to you and your persistence, Darlene. As I always say, it never hurts to ask.

      The worst that they could do is simply say “no”.

    1. Sorry, Dave, but you are one demonstrating toolishness. The use of semicolons, and especially commas is a very often style choice and open to debate. Brian’s usage make not match your tastes, but it isn’t incorrect.

  2. Currently I’m a Gold member with Hilton, but so far I’m not quite happy that my Hilton Gold status hasn’t made me entitled to too much upgrade. Last weekend I stayed at Hilton Atlanta, and while a room on the executive floor was available, I was still asked to pay $40 for the upgrade! And $350 to a suite, given the room rate was only $67!! Another time when I was in Hawaii, the hotel said they want to sell the suites rather than upgrade members for free. Fortunately, I only need one more stay to achieve Diamond and hopefully the suite upgrade situation would become better.

    1. I didn’t see a huge difference when I reached gold either. Earlier in the year I thought it would be great reaching gold for the free wifi, but now anyone who books through the website gets free wifi, so that benefit is gone. I have yet to receive an upgraded room too. I do enjoy the free breakfast 🙂

    2. Your experiences are different than mine, Alex.

      I had always felt that Gold VIP in Hilton HHonors was the best mid-level elite status in the lodging industry.

      For the record, I have been upgraded to suites quite a number of times — four consecutive times at one point this year alone — all without asking or requesting it as a Diamond member.

      The funny part is that a suite is usually not important to me; but I will happily accept it when offered!

  3. I am not sure what they were thinking when they ran this promotion. They started off by handing diamond to just about anyone with at least mid tier status. Either they had a set number they were giving away or they way under estimated the response. I lean towards option 2. And if they did this because of spg merging wouldn’t it make more sense to target it to spg members? Not complaining too much I responded eatly and got matched to diamond. If you think about how many potential suite upgrades they gave away you can see why they had to bar the door.

    1. Elite level status is nice to have, Dan — but it is not of the utmost importance to me; and if it is offered for free, I will certainly go for it.

      I do agree with you about what they were thinking, as if there are too many people with elite level status, then it is not quite so elite after all.

  4. Their decision to not match you does NOT mean Hyatt thinks their Plat status is the equivalent of Hilton Diamond. It just means they are targeting a specific customer segment of their competitors: i.e. SPG Platinums. And considering there is a slew of newly minted Hilton Diamonds from their status match, this makes sense. The premise of this post is completely false.

    1. I do not disagree with you, Ben; but I personally had not seen the target market publicly specified to be primarily for Platinum members of Starwood Preferred Guest, of which I am not.

      Had I known that — not saying it is the fault of Hyatt, as I could very well have missed it — I would have saved both of us time and trouble; and perhaps the representatives of Hyatt would not have received so many requests under which they were inundated.

  5. I’m very confused. Its been widely reported all last week that Hyatt had over 10,000 people apply for a match, yet waiting to apply seemed like an okay idea? The thought that it was far greater than accepted and quotas were met….or exceeded never came to mind?

    No, you are a blogger and demand special treatment. You are a tool……

    1. Just because Hyatt threw a wrench into my intention to have my elite level status does not mean you have to hammer it home to me by calling me a tool, Paul.

      I do not feel like I have been screwed; but I do not believe you nailed it on this one when you assumed that I waited to apply, as I applied as soon as possible.

      Now, if you will excuse me, I have a plier commitment to which I must attend…

  6. I wonder why are bottled water with the hotel label so precious that they would only give out 2 bottles for the entire stay? It’s not like they are giving away Evian or Fiji water. Is it just greed – get as much money as you can from your sitting duck guests?

    1. I have stayed at my fair share of Hilton brands this year, and once I made it to gold, all hotels I have stayed at are pretty loose with the bottled water. I take the two, but if I finish them I ask for more and have never been turned down.

      1. By my experience, I have generally found that to be the case with any lodging chain, Darlene — not just Hilton.

    2. Honestly, Silver — I do not even understand the perceived value of Evian or Fiji water. Give me New York City tap water any day, as that is my absolute favorite water in the world.

      Someone once told me that Evian is Naïve spelled backwards…

  7. I got the same – Platinum for HH Diamond.

    I sent a note back – thanks but no thanks. I will keep my stays with Hilton if that is their best offer.

    1. Exactly my sentiments, Mike

      …and I have no animosity towards Hyatt Gold Passport whatsoever. It is a good frequent guest loyalty program; and I have always liked staying at Hyatt hotel properties.

  8. I am Marriott Gold and asked about a status match. Since they only offered me Platinum which about a dozen different travel sites/bloggers have already stated is next to meaningless, I passed. The part I don’t understand is that if as a Marriott Gold, I have a requirement of 50 elite nights, “stays” are not an option. So if Hyatt Diamond is 25 stays or 50 nights, how is that any different than Marriott Gold? It isn’t. In fact it’s actually EASIER to reach Hyatt Diamond than Marriott gold since 25 one night “stays” at Hyatt gets you Diamond status.

    1. Good point, Captain Kirk.

      Historically, elite level status has typically been more difficult to attain in Marriott Rewards when compared to other frequent guest loyalty programs.

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