Staying in New York City on a Budget

As a native New Yorker, somehow “New York City” and “budget” just do not seem to go together. I mean, who would think of using “New York City” and “budget” in the same thought or sentence?

FlyerTalk member WillTravel is brave enough to ask about budget accommodations in New York City in the New York City budget accommodation thread. In fact, WillTravel is so brave that his alleged FlyerTalk counterpart, HaveGun, was too afraid to even register on FlyerTalk as a member — at least, to my knowledge, anyway…

Are there really places in New York City where one can stay on a budget — that is, besides in a cardboard box on the street near the curb, or on a subway grate covered with newspapers?

Find out by reading the New York City budget accommodation thread.

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