Stupid Tip of the Day: An Easy Way to Create and Remember Complex Passwords

In this day and age when security breaches of personal and sensitive data seem to be an everyday occurrence from which no one seems to be immune, a robust password is more important than ever — and each account should have a different password so that an unwanted intruder cannot access multiple accounts of yours with a single password…

Stupid Tip of the Day: An Easy Way to Create and Remember Complex Passwords

…so what is the answer? Use technology to remember your plethora of passwords? Hope that your account has been affected so that you can collect some sort of financial compensation — such as request a claim of $125.00 from this settlement to which Equifax agreed to pay? Change your identity altogether so that it is not stolen — perhaps becoming Homer Thompson of Terror Lake?

FlyerTalk member Zobieee offers potentially excellent advice for creating a complex password and then being able to remember it:

An IT guy I work with said to use passwords that are made up of the first letters of song verses that you can easily sing in your head, like: Dttsiaohosotfwglatw2019 = Dashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh, o’er the fields we go, laughing all the way. We all know hundreds of songs by heart…easy enough to choose different lyrics for different accounts and store them in a Password keeper.


You probably have at least a dozen songs going through your head which you can potentially use as passwords…

…and with a certain simple combination of numbers attached to this password — such as the four digit year you were born — you can easily create complex passwords which would be virtually impossible to figure out.

By the way, I am still trying to figure out a new name for the Stupid Tip of the Day series of articles

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2 thoughts on “Stupid Tip of the Day: An Easy Way to Create and Remember Complex Passwords”

  1. Bill says:

    Yeah, I have never been happy with Stupid Tip. It implies I have to be stupid to need it and if that is true I guess I am too stupid to know it 🙂

    How about STOP! Subtle Tips of Purpose

  2. debit says:

    Just create a phrase.

    “My next vacation is yo Bermuda on 30th may 2020”

    That is a fairly good password. Most IT and security people are idiots.

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