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Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

Stupid Tip of the Day: NEVER Let Anyone In Your Hotel Room

“O ne late evening in Thailand I got on a hotel elevator and a man in a suit got on behind me. He punched a floor number higher than mine, but got off with me on my floor, where he claimed to be security. He stated that he believed I had an unregistered guest in my room and insisted on looking in. So I let him, where he found no one.”

Stupid Tip of the Day: NEVER Let Anyone In Your Hotel Room

The narrative posted by FlyerTalk member Scott Kiwi continued: “When I brought it up with management the next day, they said they would check into it. Their response later was that no one in security had reported doing anything like that. On top of that, the description I gave of the guy’s clothing did not match the clothing worn by their security. I still wonder who he was and why he didn’t see me escort my guest out right before I got on the elevator.”

I do not mean to single out Scott Kiwi nor am I implying that he is stupid; but he was extremely lucky that nothing adverse happened to him — and by posting what he did, he provided an opportunity for a public service to remind hotel guests to never let anyone into their hotel rooms under most circumstances.

You should only allow someone into your hotel room if you are expecting someone — for example, in case you get trapped in the toilet of your hotel room, as has happened to me in Egypt

…and if you are not expecting anyone from the hotel staff, contact the front desk first to verify that someone has indeed been sent to your room and the reasons as to why.

If you find yourself in a similar scenario to that of Scott Kiwi, FlyerTalk member catocony advised that “I would 1) tell the guy to …. off, 2) go down to the front desk and say that someone was harassing me on the elevator, 3) call the police.”


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Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

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