Stupid Tip of the Day: Wear Your Shoes When Using the Lavatory Aboard an Airplane

Every time I am a passenger aboard an airplane on an international flight, at least one passenger enters the lavatory with either bare feet or wearing only socks or stockings…

Stupid Tip of the Day: Wear Your Shoes When Using the Lavatory Aboard an Airplane

…and virtually every time, the floor of the lavatory is wet in at least some places on that floor.

Sure, the fluid could be water…or soap…or urine.

In this article which gives 16 tips on how to use and leave a lavatory aboard an airplane, you should assume that those puddles are urine, because some passengers do not give a second thought about using a lavatory while wearing only socks on their feet — or worse, wearing nothing on their bare feet at all.

Chances are that these are the same people who place their feet on armrests, the monitors of in-flight entertainment systems, the backs of the seats in front of them, the bulkhead wall — or even that magazine in which you are about to read.

By the way, the fluid on the floor may not necessarily be from a human being, as dogs have been known to use a lavatory with their owners — and with the proliferation of “emotional support animals” aboard airplanes, that possibility could likely increase.

When I really need to use the lavatory, I always ensure that my shoes or sneakers are on my feet first before leaving my seat.


Whenever urine the lavatory, do not suffer from the streaming devices of fellow passengers. Shoe away the chagrin of having your feet drenched by the indirect relief of other people.

That should be the number one thing on your mind at that moment, as once your socks or feet are wet, you most likely would not want to spread that fluid to inside of your shoes or other places…

Photograph ©2013 by Brian Cohen.

2 thoughts on “Stupid Tip of the Day: Wear Your Shoes When Using the Lavatory Aboard an Airplane”

  1. Ilsa says:

    There are full-sized paper towels available. You’d think that someone with any education or breeding would at least have the courtesy to flop an absorbing paper over their mess to keep it contained. Ick. I do not want to MEET a man who would walk into a public restroom in socks. OMG. *Breathing to restrain the vomit.*

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      I usually do clean up after myself in a lavatory aboard an airplane after I use it, Ilsa.

      As common courtesy, everyone who uses a lavatory should do that…

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