goose rain
Photograph ©2021 by Brian Cohen.

Sunday Morning Photograph August 22 2021: This Goose Rains Supreme.

No fowl play involved here.

Regardless of where you are located, Sunday mornings are supposed to be relaxing and restful — whether you are traveling or at home, get up early to enjoy the outdoors, sip a cup of your favorite coffee while reading the Sunday edition of a newspaper, attend services at church, or simply sleep in late…

Sunday Morning Photograph August 22 2021: This Goose Rains Supreme.

…but an overcast Sunday morning with a gentle yet steady rain falling can elevate the overall calm to an entirely new level: the rhythm of the sound of the rain as each droplet contacts the ground as the unbroken bank of grey clouds diffuse the sunlight and mute the colors while simultaneously enriching their vibrancy as shadows take on an entirely new definition with detail.

goose rain
Photograph ©2021 by Brian Cohen.

During a walk back in March of 2021 prior to my scheduled appointment donating platelets, the rain steadily fell on a small lake as I passed it. I do not recall hearing any noise other than the rain itself as each droplet splashed into the water.

One lone Canada goose either did not know to come in from the rain; or it simply enjoyed standing near the shore on the edge of the lake.

Either way, it did not budge. At all. The goose appeared to simply be at peace with nature at that moment. Time was not of the essence. Nothing else was more important at that moment…

…and sometimes — to take a break from the seemingly perpetual pandemonium around the world at any given moment, whether I am traveling or at home — I also need to be mindful of a calm and peaceful moment with clear thoughts eventually drowning the cacophony of chaos.

Perhaps you might feel similarly as well — or, at least, should feel relaxed and calm once in a while.

Final Boarding Call

A rainy day really relaxes me and usually results in me being comfortable and happy.

Once again — as with the Sunday Morning Photograph article which was featured last week — I was reminded that one does not always have to travel thousands of miles away from home to see something different; to view something ordinary and familiar from a different and unusual point of view; or to slow down and appreciate the simple pleasures which life and nature have to offer. This was a version of the familiar refrain of stopping to smell the roses and not necessarily knowing to come in out of the rain…

…and that is one of the purposes of the new Sunday Morning Photograph feature at The Gate, which is a chance for you to take a moment and relax with the beverage of your choice in a comfortable chair or couch and simply enjoy the photographs which are presented here each week — travel or no travel.

Enjoy your Sunday morning — especially if it is raining.

Photograph ©2005 by Brian Cohen.

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