Sunrise Minsk
Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

Sunrise Over Minsk

I  awoke this cool and crisp morning in Minsk to watch the sun rise while in my room — specifically over the central train station building in the center of the photograph and what are known as the City Gates on the left.

Sunrise Over Minsk

After arriving in Minsk, I walked all over this beautiful city until after the sun set. The weather was still chilly; but for the first time on my trip, I did not encounter snow falling or windy conditions. Spring is finally arriving to this part of the world.

The hotel property at which I am currently staying is the Hampton by Hilton Minsk City Centre. I intend to have a review of this hotel property in a future article, as this is the first hotel property under the Hampton brand at which I have stayed outside of North America — and there are some differences between the experiences on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.


The photograph at the top of this article was not shot with my good camera. I will post better photographs in a different article after I return to the United States; but I wanted to share the sunrise over Minsk with you as soon as possible.

For now, however, I am off to breakfast…

Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

  1. Quick question, I fly into MSQ on 2 May, I will be there for 2 days, so no Visa required, then I plan to take a train from MSQ to Vilnius (VNO) on 4 May. Do I need a visa to exit Belarus and enter Lithuania on the train?

    1. The answer is yes, Jim — or, at the very least, you will need the second half of that piece of paper to leave Belarus…

      …but if you are an American citizen, technically you are not permitted to enter or leave Belarus by train without paying for a visa. As I will have only entered and left Belarus by airplane, I cannot inform you first hand of what could happen if you attempt to leave Belarus by train. I would personally expect delays at the least.

      I would have preferred to have both entered and left Belarus by train or bus, as the flights do not save time when taking everything into account…

      1. You are 100% correct. What a pain in the butt. Instead of buying a $160 Belerus Visa as a US citizen, I bought a $48 Belavia Airline ticket from MSQ to VNO. I will probably spend more time in the MSQ & VNO airports with this 35 minute flight, then with the three hour train ride between MSQ & VNO.

        Does not make any sense, like I always say, it is what it is.

        1. You will definitely spend more time in airports, Jim.

          I just arrived in Warsaw from Minsk. I am the type of person who typically prefers to spend as little time in airports as possible and get there as late as possible — and I have missed only one flight in all the years I have traveled…

          …so when I recommend to anyone leaving Minsk to give yourself at least three hours traveling from the city center, please trust me on this one…

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