Should Airlines Be Allowed to Attach Advertising Onto Your Baggage?

It is bad enough when you have to pay a fee to check your baggage — that is, if you have not earned elite level status in your preferred frequent flier loyalty program. It is even worse when you have to wait at least 40 minutes until you are able to retrieve your baggage after the conclusion of your flight…but how would you feel if you found an advertisement strapped to your luggage — and that the application of that advertisement may have contributed towards the delay…

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“Thank You For Flying With Us. Would You Like to Buy a Car Today?”

People who fly as passengers aboard aircraft operated by the largest privately-owned airline in China may be able to purchase such items as cosmetics, jewelry and cars as soon as next month, according to an article published by Bloomberg. Spring Airlines — a low-cost carrier based in Shanghai — plans to start selling automobiles with prices starting at…

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