Sex and the Airline: Gender Neutrality

In an attempt to include passengers and customers who do not identify themselves as either male or female and as part of its commitment to respect gender identity, diversity and inclusion, Air Canada reportedly will eventually replace the expression ladies and gentlemen with a neutral term — such as the word everyone, for example — in manuals for flight attendants and during announcements aboard airplanes.

“We want to ensure an inclusive space for everyone, including those who identify with gender X” is an excerpt from an e-mail message which was sent on Thursday, September 19, 2019 to all employees who are concerned or affected by this measure, according to…

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You Can Now Use Personal Headsets on Flights Operated by Air Canada

Although this is not an April Fool’s Day joke — sticking with the Canadian theme since posting the article pertaining to the annual video offered by WestJet — you can now use your personal headsets anytime that you are a passenger aboard an airplane operated by Air Canada throughout the duration of the flight.

This is the official announcement pertaining to the use of personal headphones which was released from Air Canada…

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Air Canada Joins the Basic Economy Bandwagon

Air Canada has introduced basic economy fares earlier today, Tuesday, February 20, 2018, which — for the most part — emulate those of its brethren which are based in the United States; and the Economy Basic airfares apply to domestic flights within Canada for now.

Compare the eight different airfares now offered by Air Canada, with Economy Basic highlighted in red…

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Today Only: Earn 100 Percent Aeroplan Miles — December 29, 2017

You can earn 100 percent bonus Aeroplan miles for round-trip travel on Economy Flex and Latitude, Premium Economy, Premium Rouge and Business Class fares to all destinations within Canada — as well as between Canada and the United States — now through Saturday, June 30, 2018…

…but you must…

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35 Percent Miles Boost When You Convert Your Hotel Points to Aeroplan

Aeroplan is currently offering what is considered to be the best conversion bonus offer in its history through which you can receive a bonus of 35 percent when you transfer your points from any of ten frequent guest loyalty programs into miles through Monday August 21, 2017 at 11:59 in the evening Eastern Daylight Time.

Two aspects of this promotion are markedly different that the transfer offers of other frequent flier loyalty programs — as well as past offers from Aeroplan…

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Air Canada Unveils New Livery and New Uniforms — Plus a Look at Livery Changes at Other Airlines in Recent Years

The new livery is a classic design which places a smaller version of the red maple leaf logo — known as the Air Canada Rondelle — below the windows towards the front of the aircraft; while a larger version is prominently displayed on a black background on the tail of the aircraft as well as underneath the aircraft and on each engine of the aircraft. The national flag of Canada is now affixed next to the airplane registration number near the rear of the aircraft; while the understated official logo of Star Alliance is displayed near the windows of the cockpit.

The livery of the fleet of airplanes which are part of…

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Earn Up to 1.75 Million Bonus Aeroplan Miles: Earn Your Wings With Air Canada

A popular promotion has returned for its fifth consecutive year: earn Aeroplan frequent flier loyalty program miles by flying as a passenger on qualifying flights operated by Air Canada through Sunday, July 31, 2016 and earning and collecting Wings and Badges during the Earn Your Wings promotion.

Although the promotion is basically the same as the one from last year, there are some changes, including…

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