AirTran A+ Rewards Program Ends Today

Kevin Krone — who is the vice president and chief marketing officer of Southwest Airlines — sent the following e-mail message to members of the AirTran A+ Rewards frequent flier loyalty program earlier this morning…

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Retroactively Disallowed Little Debbie Coupons Take the Cake

Coupons provided by Little Debbie — a company based in the United States which manufactures snack cakes — allowed AirTran passengers to enjoy a $10.00 discount on their airfares.

However, when FlyerTalk member LegalEagle attempted to check in at Logan Airport in Boston recently, the agent at the AirTran ticket counter demanded an extra $10.00 to be collected because the Little Debbie coupons were “retroactively disallowed,” to which LegalEagle believes is rather crumby.

The icing on the cake is that LegalEagle is not the only FlyerTalk member to encounter this problem.

Was this a half-baked promotion, filled with layers of problems and issues? Does AirTran have the right to “retroactively disallow” coupons that were once valid? Should LegalEagle slice it into AirTran, or is a resolution to this issue simply “pie in the sky?”

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Small Turtle Causes Aircraft to Return to Gate

At first, upon reading Tiny turtle causes taxiing plane to return to gate, one might initially believe and surmise that the turtle was on the runway, and that the aircraft was forced to return to the gate for the safety of the turtle — but that would be a wrong assumption.

Rather, an AirTran employee allegedly ordered a 10-year-old girl to surrender her two-inch-long caged pet red ear slider turtle. The girl disposed of the animal into a trash bin while in its cage.

The girl and her two sisters cried as a result. They were reunited with their beloved pet back home in the Milwaukee area, but not before an AirTran employee allegedly retrieved the turtle and its cage and gave it to a fellow employee to give to her five-year-old son…

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AirTran Strengthens Presence in Milwaukee

Orlando, Florida-based AirTran Airways, which has a hub in Atlanta, has announced that Milwaukee to be 2nd. HUB regarding launching both a pilot and flight attendant base in Milwaukee to support its increased operations, competing with Midwest Airlines. Initially, at least 50 AirTran flight attendants and 50 pilots are expected to be based there. This move, expected to occur in April of 2010, will catapult AirTran Airways with the largest mainline aircraft passenger airline presence in Milwaukee.

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AirTran and Frontier Airlines Customers, Unite!

This great news, whose details can be found in the New FF agreement with F9 thread in the AirTran forum, allows a reciprocal arrangement between AirTran and Frontier Airlines customers to earn frequent flier credit in the frequent flier program of their choice.

Additionally, customers of either airline can now fly to destinations in the United States currently not served or underserved by their respective airline, as this alliance instantly expands the number of destinations available.

Could future alliances involving other low-cost carriers, such as Southwest Airlines or jetBlue Airways, be in the works?…

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