Travel Alert May 21 2019: Strike in Italy Disrupts Air Travel

A national air transport sector strike for Tuesday, May 21, 2019 has been issued by some of the trade unions in Italy — which has been adversely affecting air travel in that country, as hundreds of flights have already been canceled due to disputes over pay and working conditions. The airports which serve the greater Milan and Rome metropolitan areas are being affected the most, as members of the staff of airports and air traffic control strike.

This means that…

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Another Bonus Miles Offer From Alitalia

An e-mail message with the title 4,000 miles Welcome Bonus for you was sent to me earlier this afternoon from Programma MilleMiglia, which is the frequent flier loyalty program of Alitalia.

This is another bonus miles offer I received from Alitalia; but unlike the one I received back in Monday, October 27, 2014, there was…

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Did Alitalia Quietly Change This Offer Without Notice?

I received an “exclusive” offer from Programma MilleMiglia — which is the frequent flier loyalty program of Alitalia — two days ago where if I joined now free of charge, I could earn a special welcome bonus of 5,000 miles.

Apparently — as I originally suspected — that offer was not so “exclusive”, as this offer was also reported by Gary Leff of View From The Wing.

However, Al — a reader of The Gate — asked “Well, when I went to Alitalia site to sign up for a new membership, it only mentioned 2000 miles welcome bonus, not the additional 3000 miles. Can you post the link to this offer??”

I was going to post the link when I then realized that the official Internet web site of the promotion had mysteriously changed, as shown in the screen shot below where there is no mention of the 5,000 Programma MilleMiglia frequent flier loyalty program miles…

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Why Alitalia Defines Fashion as an Airline

Who says that flying as a passenger in the economy class cabin on an airplane operated by Alitalia on a long-haul international flight is not in vogue?

Let me tell you about my fashionable experience which would even have Marc Jacobs in envy.

Not long after the departure from Los Angeles, I was treated to an unexpected bathing experience quite unlike one I have ever experienced before while in a lavatory aboard an airplane. As I…

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The Worst Alitalia Flight I Have Ever Taken — and Why

The view from the window was once again a wing; and I had a nice metal box at my feet for the ancient in-flight entertainment system, which had one of those handsets which was a telephone on the obverse side. Does anyone really use these anymore?

No real view and a box where I can barely stretch my legs for almost 12 hours — and the middle seat next to me was taken at what seemed to be the last minute on an airplane which contained a lot of passengers but was not completely full. The seat was one of the most uncomfortable seats in which I have ever sat on an airplane, as it was rather hard, with the lower back area angled in a bizarre way — and it was not equipped with any electrical outlets. Add to that that the airplane was hot and there was no individual air vent — and the interior of the airplane never got cooler. The members of the flight crew were not very friendly, to say the least.

Well, this is my home for the next 12 hours…

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Etihad, Alitalia Deal to be Finalized Tomorrow?

The agreement for Etihad Airways to purchase a stake of 49 percent in Alitalia is expected to be finalized on Friday, August 8, 2014 after a reportedly positive meeting between James Hogan — the chief executive officer of Etihad Airways — and officials of the government of Italy.

Etihad Airways is expected to invest a minimum of 500 million euros into the troubled carrier — which is currently in debt to the tune of approximately 800 million euros — with…

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Travel Alert: Strike in Italy on May 30, 2014 Causes Some Flights to Already Be Canceled

If you are traveling to or from Italy tomorrow, you might not be saying “Thank God It’s Friday.” As an exercise in caution in preparation for the strike to be conducted by unions representing ground handlers at the airports in Venice and Milan, some flights have already been cancelled by airlines such as Alitalia and EasyJet in order to give customers an opportunity to change their travel plans; while Vueling has changed the departure times of at least two flights. In addition, employees of Alitalia and…

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