Would You Grab an Amenity Kit While Deplaning as an Economy Class Passenger?

You are a passenger in the economy class cabin of a flight which had just been completed. The aircraft has pulled up to the gate; the door has been opened; and passengers who are queued in the aisle — or aisles — of the airplane are starting to leave the aircraft. You pass through the premium class cabin and find sealed amenity kits which have not been used; and perhaps you also see sealed bottles of water.

Do you take any of them?

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Help Those Less Fortunate: Donate an Amenity Kit

FlyerTalk members typically like to collect memorabilia such as amenity kits. For example, Do you take hotel toiletries ? Or, Do you take home hotel soap? But, What do you do with multiple airline amenity kits? About those Amenity kits… How do you use them? Is it now time to donate them for a worthwhile cause, as in this example of a hotel Soap donation?

So What would be the good use of airline/hotel amenity kits?

Although not a new idea, FlyerTalk member elCheapoDeluxe suggests giving FlyerTalk amenity kits for the homeless. Amenity kits, usually given to passengers of the premium class cabin on international flights, contain miniature versions of such necessities as toothpaste, soaps, shampoos and toothbrushes — and the donation of such items can continue all year long, not simply around the holiday season.

Some FlyerTalk members have argued in the past that hotel toiletries are the property of the hotel and not necessarily that of the hotel guest. However, we at The Gate have yet to read about a hotel guest accused of stealing the toiletries already provided in his or her room…

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Is Collecting Airline Amenity Kits a Sign of Sickness?

If so, I may need to go to the doctor for a check-up.

Of course, there are many people who would agree with this statement even without me collecting amenity kits – but I digress.

Read the Sign of Sickness – Collecting Amenity Kits thread to find out more about this contagious disease referred to by FlyerTalk member Wiggums.

FlyerTalk member carl92103 recommends joining Amenity Kits Anonymous. However, I believe it would confuse people if this organization was also called the American Kleptomaniac Association, because then it would be the AKA, aka AKA.

Ahh – just read the thread and see if you are surprised as to how many FlyerTalk members have caught this debilitating illness, for which there is apparently no cure…

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A new club

Do you fly first class or business class internationally? Do you keep the amenity bags? Do you fly economy class internationally and nab an amenity bag left lying on the seats/floor? Do you have a cabinet/cupboard/box full of airline amenity kits? Do you have more than 17 different eyeshades, 12 pairs of airline socks and 9 sets of airplugs?

If so then you are eligible for membership of the newest club, AAKA – airline amenity kits anonymous.

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