War Brewing in Atlanta? That Depends on Your Perspective…

“It is clear Frontier & Spirit, our country’s two largest low cost carriers, are going after Atlanta pretty hard. While I am surprised there is so much overlap with their new routes, I am confident it will drive prices down”, Shawn Coomer of Miles to Memories posted earlier today in this article. “My guess is that Delta is ready for this fight and will match the prices of their low cost competitors, but only time will tell. I am just glad that it is going to get much cheaper for me to fly to Atlanta from Las Vegas!”

Actually, Shawn, Delta Air Lines has already been ready for this “fight” in the form of Basic Economy airfares, which offers Main Cabin service with fewer flexibility options available in select markets. As I first wrote in this article back in December…

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Live Maggots Found on Airport Sandwich?

When you order a sandwich at a restaurant located at an airport, the last thing you would expect to see is your “Parmesan cheese moving” on top of the bread — but that is exactly what Joel Woloshuk claims to have found in the form of live maggots after ordering a focaccia sandwich for lunch at…

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New Passport Office Finally Opens in Atlanta!

Considering that Atlanta is arguably the home of the world’s largest airport and the home base of one of the world’s largest airlines — not to mention that many Fortune 500 companies are either based there or have regional offices there — it seemed silly to have to apply for a passport in either New Orleans, Miami or Washington, D.C.

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FlyerTalk Destination Spotlight: Atlanta


Yes, even though I reside in the Atlanta area, I will admit that unless one is into Civil Rights or Civil War, both in which Atlanta played a significant role, there really is not much to see and do in the Atlanta area.

However, FlyerTalk member flygirl555 already hosted one gathering of FlyerTalk members in the Atlanta area this past July and is getting ready to host another one: the ATL – “HOT”LANTA DO II – Sept 22-24 on the weekend of September 22 through 24, 2006.

While some potential sites to see on that weekend include the new Georgia Aquarium, which recently celebrated its 3,000,000th visitor despite being open for only approximately 9 months since its Grand Opening, the laser show on the side of Stone Mountain, which is followed by fireworks, and a tour of the historic Fox Theatre, the one I would recommend by far is the tour of the Delta Air Transport Heritage Museumespecially for FlyerTalk members who are interested in aviation history and aircraft. A quick outline of the Delta Museum is provided by me here.

Please read about my personal experience here, which includes a rare and unexpected tour of “Ship 41”, the first DC-3 to carry Delta passengers. This aircraft is not a replica — it is the real thing!!!

As a bonus, here are some pictures, courtesy of allen074 and flygirl555.

I took this picture, this picture and this picture of allen074 in the cockpit of a redesigned section of the hull of the first L-1011 ever built, housed in a part of what is now an 800-square-foot museum gift shop!

Come on down (or up) to Atlanta. “It ain’t just for changin’ planes no more!”

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