Airlines are Freeing Up More Reward Seats? Give Me a Break

Airlines are freeing up more reward seats on which passengers may use their frequent flier loyalty program miles, according to the overall reward availability results for 2015 of the annual Switchfly Reward Seat Availability Survey, which was released from IdeaWorksCompany.

That may initially sound like great news; but when it comes to certain airlines, I say give me a break.

Let us take a look at both Delta Air Lines and United Airlines — of which their frequent flier loyalty programs have recently switched from being based on distance to being based on revenue. Unless you happen to spend enough money on airline tickets — which is of course what the airlines want; and understandably so, as they are in business to profit — the majority of frequent fliers have to either spend more money, use credit cards more, or fly more often in order to earn the amount of miles they used to earn.

As per the chart shown below…

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Emergency award redemptions

Until I read the thread short notice redemptions, I had glossed over the fact that bmi Diamond Club requires 3 days notice for booking awards. How do you get around the rule if you have an emergency? Are there other frequent flyer programs that also restrict emergency redemptions?

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