Business Class Gutted on Select bmi Flights; Other Changes Looming

To “meet changes in our customers needs”, Business Class replaced by ‘FlexiY’ on LHR-GLA/EDI/DUB/BHD from 27 Jan; end of Blue+ on bmi British Midland, essentially removing the premium class cabin and replacing it with a coach cabin service known as Flexible Economy, where “you’ve never had it so good.”

In addition, the days of Blue+ elite status membership are numbered, and there reportedly will be no more free food for those with elite status in the economy cabin.

As a response, many FlyerTalk members posting in the bmi Diamond Club forum are in an uproar, as some sense the death knell of bmi as they know it, while others intend to “burn through” their bmi Diamond Club miles as quickly as possible.

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“I Want to Miss My Connection”

What in the world could possibly be the reason why FlyerTalk member ELAL would be compelled to say “I want to miss my connection” and why did this bizarre request elicit such an adverse reaction from other FlyerTalk members?

You just might possibly miss the connection as to why ELAL would want to miss the connection…

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Emergency award redemptions

Until I read the thread short notice redemptions, I had glossed over the fact that bmi Diamond Club requires 3 days notice for booking awards. How do you get around the rule if you have an emergency? Are there other frequent flyer programs that also restrict emergency redemptions?

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Double Destination and Status Miles Promotion for bmi Diamond Club Members

If you are a member of the bmi Diamond Club, this promotion may be of interest to you.

With this Promo: Double destination AND status miles on bmi regional may be earned, but there may be a catch: this promotion is apparently only good when traveling on a full-fare ticket.

Regardless, this may still be an opportunity for those bmi British Midland Diamond Club members who are seeking a faster way to earn miles and status for next year.

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Routes to be Eliminated by bmi British Midland

The faltering worldwide economy is showing no mercy, and bmi British Midland is no exception, as it annouced that bmi cuts routes amid rising costs due to rising losses.

The airline, which is reportedly the second-largest operating at London Heathrow airport, will be eliminating an important part of its domestic network in the United Kingdom and is cutting capacity to continental Europe.

This news obviously affects a number of FlyerTalk members, who discuss their dismay and options for the future.

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Airline's IT is too clever

Yes I know, clever airline IT is an oxymoron.  And to prove the point, it seems bmi has it’s website restrict which country-specific version(s) you can access based on your IP address.

It may have seemed a good idea to some at bmi – stop clever UK-based people from booking sales ex-Europe or ex-USA.  But it doesn’t seem to be well thought through.  Perhaps they haven’t heard of multi-nationals having non-local IP addresses?

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