Boeing Charged With 737 MAX Airplane Fraud Conspiracy; Agrees to Pay Greater Than $2.5 Billion

The Boeing Company has entered into an official deferred prosecution agreement with the Department of Justice of the United States to resolve a criminal charge — which is related to a conspiracy to defraud the Aircraft Evaluation Group of the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States in connection with its evaluation of the Boeing 737 MAX airplane — by agreeing to pay a total of greater than $2.5 billion.

The multinational corporation — which designs, manufactures, and sells commercial airplanes to airlines worldwide — was charged with…

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Boeing Dropped Its List of Customer Codes

“In case anyone is wondering why Brian is referring to the aircraft as a 747-451 instead of a 747-400: the aircraft is a 747-400, the “51” refers to the customer it was originally built and delivered to, in this case, Northwest Airlines. Delta inherited the aircraft when merging with NWA in 2009.”

Phoenix — who is a reader of The Gate — posted the comment you just read in response to this article I wrote pertaining to rare photographs of a…

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Boeing 797 Announcement Pending?

Reports regarding Boeing To Announce The 797 At Paris Airshow sometime in June of 2011 lead to speculation that a twin-aisle aircraft concept may possibly replace the Boeing 737 series of aircraft.

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