Mystery: Cancellations of Air China Premium Award Reservations Booked With MileagePlus Miles

You should be concerned if you redeemed your United Airlines MileagePlus frequent flier loyalty program miles for an award reservation which includes a seat in the premium class cabin aboard an airplane operated by Air China in your itinerary, as the reservations of at least 17 FlyerTalk members have been unexpectedly cancelled — most of which occurred in 2014 — resulting in significant inconveniences for them. The mystery is that the factors which are the source of these itinerary cancellations are still not known at this time. Theories include…

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Airplane Collision in New York

The Canadair CRJ-700 regional jet operated by Comair for Delta Air Lines was no match for the Airbus 380 operated by Air France, whose wing impacted the tail of the regional jet enough to swerve it sideways.

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Significant flight disruption over Europe

For those travelling to or through Europe in the next few days there is a risk of significant disruption. Airspace is closed in many European countries.  Here are some of the discussion threads with airline specific news.

Air Canada
Air France
Air New Zealand
American (contains useful links to various news sites)
British Airways (news) and British Airways (right to care)
Cathay Pacific
Qatar Airways
Turkish Airlines
US Airways
Virgin Atlantic

Please advise if there are further links to add.

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BA strike 22 Dec – 2 Jan

A strike on BA has been confirmed for the Christmas period. Details are yet to emerge on how BA will handle rebookings and reroutings other than a notice that passengers flying BA from 20 Dec to 4 Jan can change their travel dates free of charge.

The subject is fast moving with lots of threads in the BA forum on related topics.

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Stranded in Kuwait for 24 hours

Your flight is cancelled and you’ve been rebooked on the next available flight … which is in 24 hours time.  Due to visa rules you are unable to enter the country.  Kuwait airport is not a great place to spend a lot of time, I almost got stuck there myself in 2007 when I nearly misconnected.  So what do you do?  Log onto FT of course.  Can we help?

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Flying to Buenos Aires soon? Read on.

HIDDY has posted news of several (but not all) airlines cancelling their flights to/from Buenos Aires due to an erupting Andean volcano.  Check this thread for info and confirm with your airline if you planned to fly to/from AEP or EZE in the next short while.

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