Wet Vomit Found on Bags Under Seat Aboard Airplane

I do not mean to regurgitate a story which was covered in this article written by Gary Leff of View From The Wing; but I thought I would throw up this account of a family who sat aboard an airplane where the results of the reverse peristalsis of someone was found on the bags of Scott Shirley and his wife after they stored them under the seats in front of them.

Although United Airlines — which operated the flight in question on Sunday, April 12, 2015 — offered to switch them to a flight scheduled to depart the next day from Orlando, they decided to stay in their retched seats and stomach the flight because the wife of Scott Shirley was required to be at work the next day.

Rather than heaving up cleaning supplies and scrubbing the wet vomit off of the seats, members of the flight crew instead…

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Traveling Light? Here Are Some Packing Tips

In what could be one of the most underrated threads on FlyerTalk is advice on how to pack light for a trip, even if away for a long period of time or packing formal clothing, the Packing tips – Masterthread: Includes how to pack a suit!

Forget paying those checked baggage fees, carrying more than one item and possibly even needing a garment bag after reading the tips and techniques explained on how to properly and successfully pack light.

By the way, there is advice for both women and men, as well as useful links on which to click for additional details and information.

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Welcome to Your First Class, First Class Passengers, on How to Use Overhead Bins

Apparently, after reading through what FlyerTalk members are posting, F passengers need to learn how to use overhead bins.

For those of you who need it, here is a primer:

  • Do not hog the entire overhead bin with your jacket or other small item.
  • Do not complain if the flight attendant moves your belongings if ignoring the above suggestion.
  • Do not touch the belongings of other passengers when attempting to fit your items in the overhead bin.
  • Eat before you board instead of placing perishable food — especially odoriferous items — in the overhead bin.
  • Check your baggage if it will not fit in the overhead bin — do not attempt to shove and push while holding up the boarding process.
  • Even though it has nothing to do with overhead bins, do not place your feet— especially odoriferous ones — on the bulkhead wall in front of you, or anywhere else other than under the seat in front of you, if applicable.
  • Furthermore, do not change the diaper of your baby between the first class cabin and the galley.

As you can see, the direction of the discussion veers further off-topic but becomes no less interesting…

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Will Complimentary Carry-On Luggage Become Extinct by the Spirit of “Carrion” Luggage?

It is not Spirit Airlines’ bag to allow passengers to carry on their luggage for free, so on August 1, 2010, Spirit Airlines intends to charge as much as $45 for carry-on bags that are stored in the overhead compartment each way, or as much as $90 for one round-trip flight.

Luggage stored under the seat in front of the passenger will reportedly still be complimentary and not assessed a fee.

Other airlines circle around this policy as though they were carnivorous birds flying around carrion, waiting to see if passengers will bite or balk at the fees.

Speculation and discussion abounds and permeates throughout FlyerTalk:

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Unattended bags in the lounge

Unless you are living in a bubble, there is heightened security awareness these days.  So why would people leave their baggage unattended in the lounge? Is it trust in fellow travellers? Ignorance of security issues? Oversight or deliberate action? Join the discussion in do you ever leave stuff unattended?

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Are Handcuffs Allowed In Carry-on Luggage?

I had locked in on this arresting thread posted by FlyerTalk member Michelle2385, who asks the key question pertaining to whether or not handcuffs are allowed in carry-on luggage.

There are many off-the-cuff comments handed out by other FlyerTalk members who tested their mettle, as they seem to be tied up with the subject matter of the Are Handcuffs Allowed In Carry-on Luggage? thread, which resulted in a chain reaction of replies.

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