Did an Airline Meal Kill a Passenger?

The wife and daughter of Miami resident Othon Cortes are suing LSG Sky Chefs and American Airlines for greater than one million dollars, claiming that a meal consumed during a flight from Barcelona to New York contained chicken contaminated with bacteria, ultimately killing Cortes. Despite…

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Does Eating Airline Food Pose Health Risks?

It may not be safe to drink water out of the faucet of an airplane lavatory, but these days, if you want to eat food served by an airline on-board its aircraft, you will more than likely pay a fee for that meal or snack.

However, what if the food may not be completely safe to eat? According to an article in USA Today, an FDA report reveals airline food could pose health threat, as airline food is allegedly prepared in unsanitary and unsafe conditions that could lead to illness. The unsanitary conditions include but are not limited to:

  • Food stored at improper temperatures at many facilities
  • Use of unclean equipment
  • Workers who practice poor hygiene
  • Pest and vermin such as cockroaches, flies and mice as signs of inadequate pest control

Some FlyerTalk members take the potentially shocking news in stride, realizing that this has probably been happening for years, and other FlyerTalk members offer tips on what and what not to eat while on-board an aircraft.

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Special meal requests and irregular operations

gladestoneyoung asks whether it is fair that in irrops their special meal requests could not be transferred to their new flights without at least 4 hours notice.  After all, most irregular operations have less than 4 hours’ notice and it is not the fault of the passenger that it occurred.  Join the discussion here.

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