No Freddie Award for Delta SkyMiles? Not a Problem

“I’m curious as to what delta execs thoughts were about not being nominated”, wondered a person named Christine in the Comments section of this article written by René deLambert at Delta Points where he explains why Delta Air Lines did not win any awards at the 2015 Freddie Awards at the Delta Flight Museum in Atlanta. “You posted that you thought it would be fun to see their reactions to not winning anything but to not even be nominated, at some level, had to have hurt. Sounds like they acted as if nothing was wrong and were gracious hosts regardless. Good for them on the graciousness, now let’s see if anything changes.”

The employees from Delta Air Lines were…

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The 2015 Freddie Awards: Hangar 2 of the Delta Flight Museum and The Spirit of Delta

You may have dined aboard a Boeing 767-232 airplane — but have you ever dined by one?

I have a number of times; and if you are attending the Freddie Awards for 2015, you will have that opportunity as well, as the event will occur at the Delta Flight Museum in Atlanta this year in historic Hangar 2…

…and that particular Boeing 767-232 aircraft just happens to be more popularly known as The Spirit of Delta…

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The 2015 Freddie Awards: A Map to the Delta Flight Museum

The Delta Flight Museum in Atlanta will host the 2015 Freddie Awards; and I thought I would create a map which would help you navigate around if you are attending — and the map includes locations of hotel properties as well as restaurants for your convenience.

The map comes in three different files…

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30 Years of Miles and Points

Can you believe that the introduction of the first frequent flier loyalty program by American Airlines was launched 30 years ago on May 1?

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The Results for The Frequent Traveler Awards are In…

…and the winners have been announced.

Winning 11 of the 16 hotel award categories, Marriott nearly swept The Frequent Traveler Awards. Meanwhile, Lufthansa swept all of the Europe and Africa airline categories and — with the exception of Singapore Airlines capturing the award for the best redemption promotion — Kingfisher Airlines swept all of the Middle East & Asia/Oceania airline categories.

The next awards ceremony of The Frequent Traveler Awards is expected to be in New York on April 28, 2011.

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