7 Simple Ways to Reduce the Risk of Luggage Theft and Loss

There are many reasons why I loath to check baggage: the cost of ancillary fees and waiting for it at the carousel in the baggage claim area of the airport at the destinations are only two of those reasons — but the chance of theft of my belongings while they are out of my sight is one of the most significant reasons.

As one of many examples…

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Should Airlines Be Allowed to Attach Advertising Onto Your Baggage?

It is bad enough when you have to pay a fee to check your baggage — that is, if you have not earned elite level status in your preferred frequent flier loyalty program. It is even worse when you have to wait at least 40 minutes until you are able to retrieve your baggage after the conclusion of your flight…but how would you feel if you found an advertisement strapped to your luggage — and that the application of that advertisement may have contributed towards the delay…

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Only One Checked Bag Free For Star Alliance Gold Members Traveling on United Airlines Flights

Without any advance notice, United Airlines apparently quietly reduced the allowance of free checked bags for Gold elite members of Star Alliance from three checked bags weighing up to a maximum of 70 pounds each to only one checked bag weighing up to a maximum of 50 pounds on domestic flights within the United States — effective as of October 17, 2013. This revised checked baggage policy…

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jetBlue Offers Baggage Delivery Service

In what appears to be further evidence of the attempt by jetBlue Airways to redefine the low-cost carrier experience towards a more upscale model, delivery service of checked luggage is now being offered as an option to its passengers — for a fee, of course. The fees for this baggage delivery service — which will be available for an unspecified limited time, assuming that they will eventually be increased — are as follows…

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Baggage Claim Carousel: How to Ease the “War Zone”

You would think that with the advent of ancillary fees charged for checked bags that the crowding around the baggage claim carousel at airports would be diminished and more civilized as a result of fewer people checking their luggage. Sadly, that apparently does not seem to be the case. The baggage claim experience is one of the reasons why I avoid checking luggage at all costs when I travel — and that experience has…

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Second Checked Bag No Longer Free in Transpacific Flights in Economy Class on All Nippon Airways and United Airlines

All Nippon Airways has reportedly sent a notice to its customers via e-mail message that the baggage allowance for economy class passengers will be reduced on flights effective as of June 1, 2013, supposedly becoming the first commercial airline based in Asia to do so. The first piece of checked luggage for passengers assigned to seats in the economy class cabin will still be included free of charge. However, the second checked bag — currently also included free of charge — will now cost…

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Alitalia Baggage Handlers Arrested for Theft — and How to Reduce the Risk For Your Luggage

There are many reasons why I loath to check baggage — and this article highlights one of those reasons. As the result of a probe over the past year investigating greater than 100 reports of luggage theft, police in Italy reportedly arrested 19 baggage handlers working for Alitalia at Aeroporto Internazionale Leonardo da Vinci di Fiumicino in Rome — and this video recorded by one of the hidden cameras supposedly catches some of the workers “red-handed”…

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Silver Dividend Miles Members Can Now Check Only One Bag Free Instead of Two

As is the case with Delta Air Lines SkyMiles frequent flyer loyalty program Silver Medallion elite members, if you are a US Airways Dividend Miles frequent flyer loyalty program Silver elite member, the number of bags you are allowed to check free of charge has been reduced from two to one bag at no charge for economy class tickets purchased on or after…

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