7 Simple Ways to Reduce the Risk of Luggage Theft and Loss

There are many reasons why I loath to check baggage: the cost of ancillary fees and waiting for it at the carousel in the baggage claim area of the airport at the destinations are only two of those reasons โ€” but the chance of theft of my belongings while they are out of my sight is one of the most significant reasons.

As one of many examples…

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Electronics Stolen from Checked Baggage: Is There Any Recourse?

FlyerTalk member platinumPizza had a brand-new Apple IPhone 4 stolen!! ๐Ÿ™ It was at the bottom of a checked bag while traveling to Europe, but it was gone. The mobile telephone was purchased with an American Express card.

The American Express Purchase Protection reportedly does not cover theft of items in baggage not under oneโ€™s direct supervision. Because the baggage was checked at the time of the alleged crime, does platinumPizza have any recourse, especially since the incident happened two weeks prior?

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US$309.16 to Check an Extra Piece of Luggage

Imagine the surprise of FlyerTalk member Flyin’Mom when she checked an extra piece of baggage on a KLM itinerary from Helsinki to Dallas-Fort Worth via Amsterdam and Minneapolis/St. Paul when, to her surprise, KLM charged $309.16 to check an extra bag.

She expected to pay extra โ€” perhaps US$80.00 โ€” for her extra piece of baggage, but not hundreds of dollars extra.

Additional information can be found in the AF/KL new rules for luggage between Europe and North America [merged] thread.

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Would you check a tv?

SmilingBoy wants to bring a tv from Germany to Belgium and wants to know whether to bring it as checked luggage or freight it.

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