Children Not Allowed in Premium Seats on This Airline

Seats in rows 1-4 and 11-14 in the premium class cabins aboard airplanes operated by IndiGo have been designated as quiet zones and they cannot be booked in advance for unaccompanied minors and children younger than 12 years of age — resulting in the airline facing criticism as a result of adopting this particularly controversial policy of not permitting children younger than 12 years of age to sit the premium seats, which have extra leg space, better armrests and seat cushioning.

The airline…

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Would You Sit Next to This Passenger? Why One Man Would Not

The wife of FlyerTalk member WBrinegar was reportedly seated with their daughter — who is 22 months of age — in the first class cabin of flight 1149 from Washington, D.C. to Houston operated by United Airlines yesterday when a male passenger arrived at his seat located next to them. The man supposedly created a scene aboard the airplane and complained about wanting a discount because he was forced to sit next to a child in the first class cabin. Combined with his…

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The Filthy Truth of In-Flight Diaper Changes

Ahhh, babies and toddlers. You either love those miniature human beings, or you absolutely despise them. Fortunately — or unfortunately, depending on how you view it — there are FlyerTalk members who staunchly belong to both camps. This, of course, has led to intense debate over the years through literally hundreds of discussions about whether or not…

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United Airlines Lost a 10-Year-Old Girl? No, They Did Not…

Sometimes it is incredibly easy to see a story about which to write that you know will attract readers — and with the ease of entry with regard to posting content of the Internet, misinformation can be spread around in a pervasive manner, sometimes taking on a life of its own. The FlyerTalk discussion of how United loses a 10 year old in ORD piqued my interest when I first saw it several days ago, but my intuition told me…

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Daughters “Detained” by Airline: A “Stroke” of Bad Luck?

The daughters of FlyerTalk member DeirdreTours were removed from the aircraft in Minneapolis by a gate agent after boarding a Delta Air Lines flight to Louisville because — at the ages of 13 and 10 — they were considered unaccompanied minors. The daughters were on their way home on the last flight out after visiting their grandparents. The daughters were able to fly to Minneapolis by themselves from Louisville because DeirdreTours and her husband were originally supposed to travel with them, but DeirdreTours suffered from an unexpected stroke. DeirdreTours could not travel as a result, and her husband did not want to leave her alone, so…

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Baby On Board: The Never-Ending Debate

For many years, FlyerTalk members have debated about what to do with babies who cry during flights, as well as whether or not babies should be allowed to be seated in the premium class cabin on an airplane. There are usually two sides to this debate: FlyerTalk members who defend the parents who travel with babies, and those who are adamant that…

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How to Book an Airline Ticket for an Unnamed Person Who Does Not Exist…Yet

FlyerTalk member SAN 1K wants to book a Ticket for Unborn Un-named Child for international award ticket travel for next summer. The ticket may be purchased by either frequent flier miles or money.

Find out what problems and issues SAN 1K could face in attempting to book airline tickets for someone who does not even have a name yet, let alone has not been born.

Congratulations to SAN 1K on the new addition to the family!


On another note, I want to thank chrissxb for submitting the idea of highlighting this thread in The Gate.

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Upgrades and bassinets

What started as a discussion about ease (or rather lack of) Qantas top elites upgrading, has morphed into a debate on what to do if an elite passenger (travelling without baby) pre-selects a bulkhead bassinet seat that is later needed by another passenger.  Read about it and add your thoughts here.

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