Gifts for Chinese Hosts: Suggestions?

If you are fortunate enough to go to China and have Chinese hosts do “all sorts of favors” for you, as they are for FlyerTalk member Steve007NY, you will want to reciprocate in any way possible.

Steve007NY thought it would be a good idea to bring gifts – but what gifts should he bring? After all, he says that “Ninety percent of things seems to be ‘Made in China!!'”, and it would seem strange to bring something from the United States that is made in China to someone living in China.

What gift ideas do you think a Chinese person would appreciate? Would you believe, multivitamins?!?

Find out what other gifts are suggested – strange as some of them may be – in the Suggestions for gifts to bring Chinese hosts? thread.

Of course, before reading that thread, be certain that you have already had your dose of multivitamins…

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